Tisco Triumph: Duplex Steel's Global Certification

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Tisco achieves a milestone as its duplex stainless steel hot-rolled medium plate attains the prestigious Norsok M650 certification. With a focus on safe and reliable performance, Tisco's licensed factory now delivers products meeting international standards. The certified steel finds applications in diverse fields, from offshore drilling platforms to ship engineering and oil and gas transportation, solidifying Tisco's position as a global player in the stainless steel industry.


In a significant accomplishment, Tisco proudly announces the international certification of its duplex stainless steel hot-rolled medium plate under the esteemed Norsok M650 standards. This achievement not only showcases Tisco's commitment to quality but also positions the company as a reliable global supplier of stainless steel products.

The Norsok M650 certification, known for its stringent requirements, underscores Tisco's dedication to producing materials that meet the highest international standards. This recognition assures customers of the product's superior quality, making it a preferred choice for various industrial applications.

The certified duplex stainless steel medium plate from Tisco is engineered to meet the demanding needs of global industrial equipment. With a firm performance guarantee, this steel finds applications in key sectors such as offshore drilling platforms, ship engineering, seawater desalination, and oil and gas transportation.

The corrosion-resistant properties of Tisco's duplex stainless steel make it ideal for the harsh conditions of offshore drilling platforms. Its durability ensures a longer lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

In ship engineering, where strength and corrosion resistance are paramount, Tisco's certified steel becomes a valuable asset. The material's ability to withstand marine environments contributes to the longevity and reliability of marine structures.

Given the critical role of desalination in addressing water scarcity, Tisco's stainless steel offers a corrosion-resistant solution. Its compatibility with seawater desalination processes ensures the longevity of equipment used in this vital industry.

In the oil and gas sector, where pipelines and equipment face corrosive challenges, Tisco's duplex stainless steel stands as a robust choice. Its international certification further solidifies its suitability for use in oil and gas transportation infrastructure.


Tisco's attainment of the Norsok M650 certification elevates the company to a global standard setter in the production of duplex stainless steel. The certified medium plate not only meets the stringent requirements of international authorities but also opens doors to diverse industries seeking reliable, high-performance materials. As Tisco continues to contribute to global industrial advancements, its commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

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