TISCO's Stainless Steel Brilliance in World's Deepest Lab

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In the world's deepest Jinping Underground Laboratory, TISCO's stainless steel proves instrumental. Completed on December 7, 2023, the second phase of the project, nestled beneath 2,400 meters of rock cover, offers unparalleled experimental conditions. TISCO's ultra-pure low-background stainless steel, vital in constructing the lab's first phase, continues to shine. Shielding cosmic rays to 1/100 million of Earth's surface, this laboratory, a beacon of scientific achievement, facilitates groundbreaking research in dark matter detection and neutrino studies, showcasing TISCO's pivotal role in advancing global scientific exploration.


In the dim recesses beneath 2,400 meters of rock, where darkness converges with exploration, lies the Jinping Underground Laboratory— a marvel of scientific inquiry and architectural prowess. Completed on December 7, 2023, the second phase of this subterranean haven has once again thrust the world's attention onto China's scientific landscape.

Nestled deep within the earth, Jinping Underground Laboratory benefits from the natural shield of over 2,400 meters of rock cover, offering an ideal haven for scientific experiments. The laboratory's cosmic ray flux is a mere 1/100 million of the Earth's surface, a feat unparalleled by similar laboratories worldwide. As a major scientific and technological infrastructure project outlined in the 13th Five-Year Plan of the People's Republic of China, it stands as the world's deepest underground facility, boasting the largest space and the least cosmic ray interference. This unique environment provides scientists with unmatched conditions for endeavors such as dark matter detection and neutrino research.

Critical to the laboratory's success is the ultra-pure low-background stainless steel manufactured by TISCO. The first phase of the Jinping Underground Laboratory, completed in 2010, utilized TISCO's stainless steel in the construction of the "PandaX" series detector pressure vessels. Under the shielding capabilities of TISCO's stainless steel, the laboratory has achieved remarkable experimental results, garnering praise from General Secretary Xi Jinping himself. Notably, the laboratory's dark matter detection results have found publication in prestigious journals, including Nature.

The experimental environment at Jinping Underground Laboratory intertwines the advantages of "ultra-low cosmic ray flux," "ultra-clean space," and "ultra-low ambient radiation." Tailored to control the radiation background extensively, TISCO's special stainless steel team meticulously addressed the project's unique needs. Through thorough analysis, they identified the stainless steel with the lowest background level, ensuring optimal conditions for scientific pursuits.

Throughout the project's development, TISCO's special stainless steel team collaborated closely with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the end-user of the product, and the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Quality inspections and appraisals were conducted extensively, exemplifying TISCO's commitment to delivering excellence.

With the completion of the second phase of the Jinping Underground Laboratory, TISCO's Special Steel Development Business Department pledges to remain at the forefront. They are committed to tracking the special material needs of the laboratory and actively developing high-end materials required by the ambitious "big country heavy equipment" initiative, showcasing their dedication to advancing scientific exploration.


TISCO's stainless steel has not only fortified the Jinping Underground Laboratory but has become a beacon illuminating the uncharted realms of scientific discovery. The completion of the second phase further cements TISCO's integral role in advancing global scientific exploration. As the laboratory continues to unveil the secrets of the universe, TISCO's stainless steel stands as a testament to the harmonious collaboration between human ingenuity and the elemental forces that shape our world.

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