TMK Unveils Stainless Elegance at VTZ

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Pipe Metallurgical Company reaches new heights at Volzhsky Pipe Plant, introducing a cutting-edge section for finishing stainless steel pipes. This facility enhances production efficiency, ensuring the delivery of 55 thousand metric tons of top-notch pipes. The modernized workshop, an architectural marvel, blends aesthetics with functionality. The launch marks a pivotal moment in VTZ's comprehensive modernization, creating a landmark for industrial tourism.


In a transformative move, Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) has inaugurated a state-of-the-art section for finishing stainless steel pipes at Volzhsky Pipe Plant (VTZ). This significant addition, nestled within Pipe Rolling Shop No. 2 (TPC-2), represents a leap forward in production capabilities, specifically tailored for stainless and corrosion-resistant steel grades.

The newly commissioned facility is not merely a production site; it's a technological art space. Boasting over 100 colors symbolizing the diverse palette of steel shades during production, the interior design turns the workshop into a visual spectacle. Modern architectural solutions have revamped the workshop's exterior, dividing facades into segments adorned with mirror panels, graphic elements, and attention-grabbing entrance gates resembling colossal pipes.

The site's equipment arsenal includes cutting-edge machinery, from pipe end-cutting units to non-destructive testing units, ensuring rigorous quality control. With a focus on a closed production cycle, continuously cast billets manufactured at VTZ serve as raw materials, enhancing efficiency and reducing lead time.

Simultaneously, the workshop redesign aligns with safety standards, with attention-capturing red elements marking moving and fencing components. The facility's aesthetics, combined with functionality, transforms it into a landmark object of industrial tourism. An excursion route within the premises enhances the site's appeal as an industrial architectural gem.

To mark the grand opening, the Governor of the Volgograd Region, Andrey Bocharov, visited VTZ. Sergey Chetverikov, Managing Director of VTZ, emphasized the site's significance, stating, "The launch of the new section will allow us to increase the range and production of pipe solutions designed for difficult operating conditions."

Products from TPC-2 find applications in diverse industries, including energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more. This unveiling is part of TMK's broader investment project aimed at enhancing the production of stainless and corrosion-resistant steel grades at TPP-2. The continuous modernization journey involves further upgrades, including new equipment for cold straightening of pipes and advanced treatments for both inner and outer surfaces.


TMK's unveiling of the new section at VTZ marks a significant leap in stainless steel pipe production. Beyond functionality, the facility's modernized design transforms it into a captivating industrial space. With a focus on quality and efficiency, the workshop becomes a landmark for industrial tourism, showcasing the intersection of technology and aesthetics.

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