TMK's In-House Metallurgical Enhancements: Taganrog & Volzhsky

TMK fortifies its plants with advanced metallurgical equipment, leveraging in-house capabilities to engineer specialized machinery
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TMK fortifies its plants with advanced metallurgical equipment, leveraging in-house capabilities to engineer specialized machinery for Taganrog & Volzhsky plants. This initiative fosters independence from external supplies, improving production efficiency and reducing reliance on external factors.



In a strategic move, TMK's subsidiary, TMK Steel Technologies, showcased its prowess by developing and supplying tailor-made equipment for its own Taganrog Metallurgical Plant (TAGMET) and Volzhsky Pipe Plant. The company's in-house collaboration facilitated the creation of specialized ladles and containers, essential for their manufacturing processes.

The supply to TAGMET comprised two ladles for steel casting, weighing 21 metric tons each, featuring superior welding techniques. Notably, 90% of seams were meticulously welded under specialized flux layers, augmenting seam quality and reducing manufacturing labor.

For Volzhsky Pipe Plant, TMK Steel Technologies dispatched frame-type containers designed for transporting pipe products. These sturdy structures, weighing 5.5 metric tons and capable of bearing 60 metric tons, underwent rigorous quality checks to meet predefined standards.

Additionally, in collaboration with Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant (ChelPipe), another TMK entity, TMK Steel Technologies accomplished the production of top tools for a pipe forming press, displaying their proficiency in creating high-quality equipment using advanced materials.

Denis Makienko, the General Director of TMK's Main Machinery Division, highlighted the significance of this collaborative effort in bolstering internal production capabilities. By focusing on innovative design solutions and advancing existing processes, TMK aims to ensure timely access to top-notch equipment, reducing dependency on external supplies and streamlining production schedules.

TMK Steel Technologies' portfolio boasts several pioneering engineering solutions catering to heavy engineering needs. These solutions encompass various critical components like roller segments, mobile mixers, and steel-casting ladles, showcasing the company's commitment to innovation and self-sufficiency.



TMK's internal prowess in engineering specialized metallurgical equipment for its plants exemplifies its commitment to self-sufficiency and innovation. By fostering in-house capabilities, TMK aims to elevate production efficiency and reduce dependency on external supplies for equipment, showcasing resilience and innovation in the metallurgical industry.

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