TMK's Smart Evolution: Production Digitalization

TMKImahe Source: TMK


Russian Pipe Metallurgical Company aims to finalize its comprehensive digitalization initiatives by 2027, progressively transitioning to intelligent production systems. This endeavor, divided into stages, focuses on automating key production elements, enhancing efficiency, quality, and laying the foundation for future technological advancements.


TMK's commitment to digital transformation encompasses vital sectors within its industrial production. The Digital Production program integrates four core components: Production Execution, Process Tracking (FLOW), Laboratory Testing (LIMS), and Equipment Maintenance (MRO). These initiatives are set to culminate in pilot projects completion by 2024.

Boris Pyankov, TMK's Deputy CEO and Technical Director, delineated the strategy, emphasizing its two-stage implementation. The initial phase, up to 2027, concentrates on automating pivotal production systems and data accumulation. This groundwork primes the company for a transition from digitalization to intelligent production. Subsequent advancements, from 2028, will leverage breakthrough technologies, harnessing data and information as prime catalysts for company development.

Digital transformation necessitates a reconfiguration of business processes, elevating both operational logic and master data management. TMK's approach involves establishing a comprehensive data warehouse. This repository empowers in-depth production analysis, progressing beyond conventional descriptive analysis to diagnostics and predictive modeling. This shift enables proactive issue resolution and preventative measures.

Evolving towards prescriptive analysis signifies a paradigm shift in production optimization. Cyber-physical systems, continuously processing production data, herald a new era in management processes and operational streamlining.


TMK's steadfast commitment to complete its production digitalization program by 2027 underscores its proactive approach toward operational enhancement. The integration of advanced technologies not only improves efficiency and quality but also lays the groundwork for future technological leaps. TMK's journey towards smart production showcases its dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation and efficiency in the industry.

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