Tragedy Unleashed: Kalunga Steel Blast

Kalunga Subham
Kalunga SubhamImage Source: OTV


A tragic blast at Kalunga Subham steel plant in Rourkela claimed one life and left two laborers critically injured. The blast, suspected to result from a gas pipe leakage, occurred during the workers' sleep. The injured are receiving treatment, while police investigations are pending. Local concerns arise over safety measures and the plant owner's alleged negligence.


In a devastating incident, the Kalunga Subham steel plant in Rourkela witnessed a blast in the early hours, resulting in the loss of one laborer's life and critical injuries to two others. The deceased, identified as Chinmay Behera from Jajpur, and the injured, Jayprakash Kishan from Kalunga and Abhishek from Bihar, were swiftly transported to a nearby hospital. Presently in critical condition, their recovery remains uncertain.

Initial assessments point to a suspected gas pipe leakage near the workers' restroom as the likely cause of the blast, occurring while the workers were in deep sleep. Though police intervention is awaited for a thorough investigation, the incident unfolded around midnight, impacting a workforce of approximately 100 individuals in the irregularly operational private plant.

Local residents voiced apprehension regarding the plant owner's alleged disregard for worker safety measures. The lack of contact with company officials exacerbates concerns, prompting questions about the plant's safety protocols. The incident underscores the vulnerability of workers in such environments, emphasizing the need for stringent safety measures and accountability.


The Kalunga Subham steel plant tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the potential hazards faced by industrial workers. The blast, claiming one life and critically injuring two laborers, raises concerns about safety protocols and the alleged indifference of the plant owner. As investigations await police intervention, the incident highlights the imperative need for robust safety measures in industrial settings. The local community's distress reflects a collective call for accountability and enhanced worker protection in such environments.

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