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Trane's Low-Carbon Steel Milestone


Trane Technologies celebrates shipping one million HVAC units with low-carbon steel, marking a stride in their decarbonization efforts. Pledged to procure 50% net-zero steel by 2030 and 100% by 2050, Trane aims to cut carbon emissions significantly. The move aligns with industry-wide efforts to reduce steel's environmental impact amid rising climate concerns.


Trane Technologies, a key player in HVAC and refrigeration, announces the shipment of one million HVAC units incorporating low-carbon steel, marking a substantial leap in their decarbonization mission. A year ago, the company forged purchase agreements with major U.S. steel manufacturers, integrating low-carbon steel into their high-efficiency heat pumps and air conditioners, part of a broader initiative to reduce the steel industry's carbon footprint.

Within the steel sector, several manufacturers, including Nucor, are unveiling decarbonization plans amid mounting criticism due to heavy emissions. With iron and steel production responsible for 8% of global carbon emissions, the industry faces increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices.

Trane Technologies, a member of SteelZero, commits to sourcing 50% net-zero steel by 2030 and achieving 100% net-zero by 2050. Additionally, it actively participates in the First Movers Coalition, leveraging collective purchasing power to drive clean technology markets across challenging sectors. Engaging in the Gigatron Challenge, Trane pledges to cut customer greenhouse gas emissions by 1 gigaton.

Keith Sultana, Senior VP of Global Integrated Supply Chain, expresses pride in Trane's efforts to reduce embodied carbon, highlighting their commitment to a sustainable future. Low-carbon steel currently constitutes 20% of their annual steel purchase, significantly less carbon-intensive than traditional blast furnace steel, resulting in a reduction of about 16,000 metric tons of carbon annually.

Climate Group's Mike Peirce emphasizes the significance of decarbonizing the steel industry, applauding Trane's tangible steps toward a net-zero future through collective action and the utilization of purchasing power.


Trane Technologies celebrates shipping one million HVAC units using low-carbon steel, reflecting a significant stride in their drive to decarbonize. Pledging substantial net-zero steel procurement by 2030 and 2050, Trane aligns with industry movements to reduce carbon emissions in steel production, marking a pivotal step in environmental responsibility.

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