TSA Processing: Mergers Amidst Metallic Majesties

TSA Processing
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Ryerson Holding Corporation, a prominent industrial metals distributor, has acquired TSA Processing. TSA, known for processing stainless steel and aluminum coil and sheet, will maintain its customer services and toll-processing capabilities. The acquisition enhances Ryerson's service range, and TSA is enthusiastic about expanding its reach and service quality.


Chicago witnessed another significant merger in the industrial metal sector on November 1, 2023. Ryerson Holding Corporation, an eminent figure in the world of industrial metals, made an official announcement regarding its acquisition of TSA Processing. For those unfamiliar with TSA, it's a stalwart in the stainless steel and aluminum coil and sheet processing domain. Its roots stretch deep with a history spanning over three decades, primarily under the vigilant leadership of Bill Tresten and Monte Sneed.

While many acquisitions often lead to significant shifts in operations or management, this won't be the case here. TSA is set to continue its journey, serving its long-time customers with its hallmark toll-processing capabilities. This persistence in service ethos is what made TSA an attractive acquisition prospect in the first place.

Mike Burbach, Ryerson's Chief Operating Officer, shared his excitement about the merger. For him and Ryerson at large, this move isn't just about expansion. It's about synergy. TSA's unparalleled skills in non-ferrous processing and polishing will bolster Ryerson's already robust service offerings in the stainless and aluminum sector.

But what does TSA have to say about this? Monte Sneed's statement sheds light on TSA's perspective. With more than 30 years in the business, TSA is eager to augment its services, reach new horizons, and commit to a higher standard of quality and service for a broader clientele.

For those hearing about Ryerson for the first time, a brief introduction is in order. Established in 1842, Ryerson stands tall as a value-added processor and distributor of industrial metals. With footprints in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and even China, the company boasts a dedicated workforce of around 4,300 spread across nearly 100 locations. To delve deeper, one can visit Ryerson's official website.


This merger between Ryerson and TSA isn't just another business deal. It signifies the coming together of two giants, each with its strengths, to form a formidable force in the industrial metals sector. With Ryerson's expansive reach and TSA's deep-rooted expertise, the future looks promising for both companies, their employees, and their vast clientele.

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