Turkey's Tosyalı Expands in Europe: STS

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Tosyalı Holding, a global steel producer from Turkey, acquired Spain's Baika Steel Tubular System to cater to Europe's increasing demand for hydrogen distribution networks. This strategic move aligns with Tosyalı's global growth strategy, enhancing their steel production capacity and positioning them as Europe's largest steel pipe producer.


Tosyalı Holding, a prominent global steel producer based in Turkey, recently acquired the Baika Steel Tubular System (STS) in Spain. The purchase aims to address the growing demand for steel pipes, especially in facilitating the expanding hydrogen distribution networks across Europe. Tosyalı Holding's strategic acquisition aligns with its expansive growth strategy, further solidifying its foothold in the steel industry.

The acquisition of STS, a leading steel pipe manufacturer in Spain, reflects Tosyalı's commitment to meeting the rising market demands. With a focus on the increasing hydrogen distribution networks, this move underscores Tosyalı's dedication to the evolving needs of the European market.

The acquisition will result in an augmented production capacity for STS, increasing it to 150,000 metric tons per year from its current capacity of 240,000 tons. This expansion not only strengthens Tosyalı's global pipe production capacity but also positions the company as Europe's foremost steel pipe manufacturer.

Fuat Tosyalı, Chairman of Tosyalı Holding, expressed the company's vision to become one of the top five steel producers globally within the next three decades. He emphasized the company's commitment to sustainability and green steel production in line with the EU Green Deal.

The purchase in Spain represents Tosyalı's continuous efforts to contribute to the global transition toward sustainable practices. By anticipating the growing utilization of hydrogen in industrial processes, Tosyalı intends to cater to the escalating demand for spiral steel pipes in the region while reinforcing its commitment to environmentally friendly steel production.

Baika Steel Tubular System (STS), the acquired Spanish company, has a rich history in producing spiral welded steel pipes (SAW) with various coatings. Their expertise spans the production of pipes for oil, natural gas, hydrogen, water transmission lines, and structural pipes for civil engineering applications.


Tosyalı Holding's acquisition of Baika Steel Tubular System (STS) in Spain marks a significant step in their global expansion strategy, especially in meeting the surging demand for steel pipes linked to Europe's growing hydrogen distribution networks. This move elevates Tosyalı's stature as Europe's largest steel pipe producer, aligning with their long-term vision of becoming a top-tier global steel manufacturer, while also emphasizing their commitment to sustainable steel production practices.

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