Union Complaint Over Myanmar-Military Steel Link

MayanmarImage Source: SteelGuru


Unions and civil groups filed a complaint with the OECD against Danieli, an Italian steel company. Investigation revealed their covert involvement in a steelmaking operation in Myanmar, potentially linked to weapons. The move aims to address alleged ties between Danieli and military activities in the region, reports Mayanmar Now.


In a significant move, unions and civil society organizations have lodged a formal complaint against Danieli, an Italian steel company, with the OECD. This action stems from revelations made by a Myanmar Now investigation, exposing Danieli's clandestine association with a steelmaking operation in Myanmar. This operation's potential connection to the production of weapons has triggered concern and prompted this international outcry.

The investigation brought to light Danieli's covert involvement in a steel production venture in Myanmar, raising red flags about potential links to the country's military activities. Unions and civil groups have mobilized, aiming to highlight and address these concerning associations, especially in a climate of heightened sensitivity regarding military actions in the region.

The filing of the OECD complaint serves as a pivotal step in bringing attention to the alleged collaboration between Danieli and operations with potential military implications. This action seeks to prompt an investigation into the company's activities and aims to hold them accountable for any inadvertent support to military endeavors in Myanmar.

While Danieli has not issued a statement addressing these allegations, the complaint raises critical questions about corporate accountability and ethical business practices in conflict-afflicted regions. It underscores the importance of ensuring that business operations do not inadvertently contribute to or support activities that conflict with international norms and standards.


The complaint filed against Danieli concerning its alleged involvement in a Myanmar steel operation potentially tied to military activities reflects the increasing global scrutiny on corporate accountability. This move underscores the imperative of transparent and ethical business practices, especially in regions grappling with conflict and concerns regarding military involvement. The need for thorough investigations and adherence to international norms remains paramount in ensuring responsible corporate conduct.

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