USDOC Confirms Dumping Margin for UAE Steel

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The US Department of Commerce's preliminary review reveals that producers/exporters from the UAE sold circular welded carbon-quality steel pipes below fair value from December 2021 to November 2022. The confirmed dumping margins, ranging from 0.96% to 1.09%, highlight pricing discrepancies, impacting specific steel products under various industry specifications.



The US Department of Commerce (USDOC) unveiled its preliminary findings from an anti-dumping duty administrative review concerning the trade practices of UAE's producers/exporters dealing in circular welded carbon-quality steel pipes. The report denotes that these entities sold specified steel products at prices deemed lower than the fair value during the stipulated review period spanning from December 2021 to November 2022.

The findings of the administrative review determined weighted average dumping margins, signifying the extent of price discrepancies, ranging between 0.96% and 1.09%. The products under scrutiny encompass welded carbon-quality steel pipes characterized by a circular cross-section and an outer diameter not surpassing nominal 406.4 mm. These steel items, irrespective of wall thickness, surface finish, or end specification, fall within distinct HTSUS codes.

The identification of these discrepancies in pricing practices underpins the significance of fair trade regulations and the assessment of competitive market dynamics. The delineation of specific HTSUS numbers denotes the spectrum of affected products within the broader category of welded carbon-quality steel pipes.

The preliminary determination by the USDOC reinforces the need for rigorous trade evaluations and adherence to fair pricing mechanisms within the steel industry. Such scrutiny plays a pivotal role in ensuring equitable market conditions and safeguarding against unfair trade practices, promoting a level playing field for all industry stakeholders.

The confirmation of dumping margins serves as a vital indicator highlighting discrepancies in pricing strategies, warranting closer scrutiny and corrective measures to maintain fair and competitive trade practices.


The USDOC's revelation of dumping margins for UAE's circular welded steel pipes underscores the importance of fair trade regulations. The identified pricing discrepancies in specific steel products emphasize the necessity for meticulous scrutiny and corrective actions to uphold fair market practices within the steel industry.

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