Usha Martin's Thai Tango: Wire Ropes Venture in Acquisition Ballet

Tesac Usha Wirerope
Tesac Usha WireropeImage Source: Usha Martin


Usha Martin Ltd's Thai arm, Usha Siam Steel Industries Public Company Ltd, orchestrates a strategic dance, acquiring a 50% stake in Tesac Usha Wirerope Company Ltd,. Valued at $2.35 million, the deal involves purchasing 1.25 million equity shares from Kobelco Wire Company Ltd, propelling TUWCL into USSIPCL's fold. Despite TUWCL's reported net loss, its net worth of $4.43 million adds a robust note to the acquisition's rhythm.


In a noteworthy move echoing business synergy, Usha Martin Ltd's subsidiary, Usha Siam Steel Industries Public Company Ltd (USSIPCL), has embarked on a strategic venture. The Thai-based USSIPCL is set to acquire a substantial 50% stake in Tesac Usha Wirerope Company Ltd (TUWCL), marking a significant milestone in Usha Martin's global wire ropes venture.

The intricate deal, valued at $2.35 million, unfolds with USSIPCL securing 1.25 million equity shares from Kobelco Wire Company Ltd, a key player in TUWCL's current joint venture structure. The acquisition not only showcases Usha Martin's commitment to expansion but also strategically places TUWCL under the USSIPCL umbrella.

TUWCL, a player in the wire ropes manufacturing industry, exhibits resilience with a reported turnover of $4.27 million as of December 31, 2023. Despite a net loss of $0.79 million, the company boasts a commendable net worth of $10.89 million, adding financial robustness to the acquisition narrative.

This strategic move positions TUWCL as a subsidiary of USSIPCL and a step-down subsidiary of Usha Martin Ltd, emphasizing the consolidation of resources and expertise within the Usha Martin family. The joint venture's realignment underscores Usha Martin's strategic vision in the competitive landscape of wire ropes manufacturing.

The proposed transaction, slated for completion by January 31, 2024, carries no shadow of related party transactions, ensuring transparency in the acquisition process. None of the promoter entities or group companies hold a vested interest in the acquisition, further solidifying the integrity of the deal.


As Usha Martin Ltd embraces this strategic dance of acquisition, the global wire ropes landscape witnesses a harmonious alignment of forces. USSIPCL's move to acquire a substantial stake in TUWCL not only strengthens Usha Martin's foothold in Thailand but also positions TUWCL strategically for future growth. The financial resilience displayed by TUWCL, despite challenges, adds a note of confidence to this acquisition symphony. With the completion date set for January 31, 2024, Usha Martin's wire ropes venture enters a new chapter, poised for enhanced collaboration and market impact.

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