Vallourec’s Cutting-Edge Hydrogen Storage

Vallourec inaugurates a pioneering vertical hydrogen storage system in Aulnoye-Aymeries, France. This groundbreaking installation


Vallourec inaugurates a pioneering vertical hydrogen storage system in Aulnoye-Aymeries, France. This groundbreaking installation showcases a secure large-scale hydrogen storage solution, marking Vallourec's foray into the global hydrogen market and reinforcing its commitment to decarbonization.



Vallourec, a prominent provider of premium tubular solutions, unveils a revolutionary vertical compressed gas hydrogen storage demonstrator in Aulnoye-Aymeries, France. This innovative modular system, with a compact footprint, represents a significant leap in integrating secure large-scale hydrogen storage into demanding industrial settings.

The groundbreaking installation, a world-first of its kind, operates on extensively proven sealing technology and corrosion-resistant tubes and connections. Demonstrating the viability of Vallourec's pioneering concept, this system, capable of storing up to 100 metric tons of hydrogen gas underground, positions Vallourec as a pivotal figure in the hydrogen value chain and a catalyst for global decarbonization efforts. Suited for green hydrogen producers, industrial users, and heavy mobility applications, it prioritizes maximum safety conditions.

Situated at Vallourec's historic Aulnoye-Aymeries site, this achievement leverages the company's European industrial base and global Research & Development center. Initiated last year with the expertise of around thirty specialists, the project underscores Vallourec's proficiency in threading, heat treatment, and Non-Destructive Testing, showcasing its diverse technical capabilities.

The anticipated growth in the global hydrogen sector forecasts an installed capacity of 61 million metric tons by 2030, potentially generating several tens of millions of euros in revenue per storage unit for Vallourec. To bolster the commercialization of this storage solution, Vallourec introduces it under the brand name "Delphy."

This innovative hydrogen storage technology aligns with Vallourec's broader New Energies portfolio, aiming to support the energy transition across geothermal, carbon sequestration, solar, and biomass segments. By 2030, these New Energies offerings are projected to contribute between 10% and 15% of Vallourec's EBITDA.

Philippe Guillemot, Vallourec Group Chairman and CEO, emphasizes the promising growth prospects in the emerging hydrogen market, signifying the company's technological value in the new energy landscape. Ulrika Wising, SVP Energy Transition, highlights the pivotal role this vertical hydrogen storage plays in Vallourec's journey toward providing reliable, modular, and competitive large-scale storage capacity, catering to the burgeoning hydrogen economy.


Vallourec's vertical hydrogen storage innovation stands as a milestone in the company's pursuit of pioneering energy solutions. With its potential to impact the hydrogen economy significantly, this breakthrough reaffirms Vallourec's commitment to shaping the energy transition and fostering a low-carbon future.

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