Vallourec's Solar-Powered Brazil Venture

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French company Vallourec has inked a renewable energy supply contract with Brazil's Eneva. The deal will help Vallourec produce 29 MW of solar power, making up 25% of its total energy use in Brazil. The company aims to decarbonize its operations in the country through this initiative.


Vallourec, a leading French pipe manufacturer, has taken a significant step towards sustainability by signing a renewable energy contract with Eneva, Brazil's largest integrated energy company. This deal marks a commitment to reduce carbon emissions and shift towards cleaner energy.

Under the contract, Vallourec will secure a share in Complexo Solar FuturaI, situated in the municipality of Juazeiro, Bahia. The French firm plans to produce and use about 29 MW of solar energy, which will cover roughly 25% of its total energy needs in Brazil.

The partnership aims to accelerate Vallourec's journey to decarbonize its operations in Brazil, falling in line with global efforts to combat climate change. This move is particularly timely, considering the growing importance of renewable energy sources in today's energy landscape.

Brazil, with its abundant natural resources, provides an ideal backdrop for such renewable projects. The country has been encouraging foreign investments in its energy sector, particularly in renewable energy, which complements Vallourec's strategic objectives.

The deal not only benefits Vallourec but also strengthens Brazil's energy infrastructure. It sends a strong message to other companies, both local and international, about the feasibility and advantages of transitioning to cleaner energy sources.

As more companies make the switch to renewable energy, it sets a precedent for sustainable industrial practices. The Vallourec-Eneva deal is an example of how international collaboration can lead to greener solutions, providing a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.


The renewable energy contract between Vallourec and Eneva is a significant milestone for both companies, signaling a commitment to sustainability and lower carbon emissions. With this deal, Vallourec aims to cover a quarter of its energy usage in Brazil through solar power, aligning with the global push for cleaner, renewable energy sources. The partnership serves as a model for other companies looking to make a sustainable impact, particularly in countries rich in natural resources like Brazil.

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