Vietnam: Hoa Phat's Maiden Voyage: HPS-01

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Hoa Phat Shipping initiated the inaugural voyage of the HPS-01 ship on December 7th, 2023, marking the launch of its first SB vessel. With a 24,500 metric tonnage, this ship specializes in inland waterway transportation, focusing on hot rolled steel coils (HRC) for domestic routes. The ceremony highlighted its dedication to streamlining operations and timely product deliveries.


Hoa Phat Shipping Joint Stock Company celebrated a significant milestone with the launch of the HPS-01 ship, marking the commencement of its operations in the domestic transportation domain. Symbolizing the company's foray into inland waterway transportation, the vessel, with a tonnage of 24,500 metric tons, is tailor-made for transporting hot rolled steel coils (HRC) along domestic routes.

The inaugural voyage of the HPS-01 ship, set to transport HRC from Hoa Phat Dung Quat specialized port to crucial southern regions like Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau, signifies a strategic move by Hoa Phat to streamline its domestic transport operations. Mr. Doan Quang Thinh, Director of Hoa Phat Shipping Joint Stock Company, expressed his optimism about the vessel's role in optimizing their cargo transportation processes.

The successful launch of the HPS-01 ship marks a crucial step in Hoa Phat's strategic plans for fleet expansion. The company aims to diversify its fleet, encompassing vessels of varying sizes. This expansion aligns with their long-term vision of developing a versatile fleet catering to the requirements of their integrated steel production complexes and the broader market.

Additionally, Hoa Phat is actively investing in the HPS-02 ship, slated to commence operations in early 2024. This concerted effort to expand their fleet underscores the company's commitment to fortifying their shipping capabilities, catering to the evolving demands of the industry and further reinforcing their position in the market.


The launch of Hoa Phat's HPS-01 ship stands as a landmark event, marking the company's entry into the domestic transportation sector. With a focus on HRC transport along inland waterways, this inauguration reflects their commitment to enhancing logistics and delivery efficiencies. As Hoa Phat continues to invest in fleet expansion, including the forthcoming HPS-02 ship, the company positions itself for sustained growth and robust operational capabilities.

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