Virescent Ventures: Vikas Ecotech's Shamli Steel Symphony

Shamli Steel
Shamli SteelImage Source: Oreaco


Vikas Ecotech Ltd orchestrates a significant move in the recycling realm, acquiring Shamli Steel for a robust Rs 160 crore. The strategic infusion of Rs 15 crore in initial working capital, coupled with plans for additional investments between Rs 35-50 crore over the next 3-6 months, underlines VEL's commitment to fortify and revitalize the operations of the acquired plant.


In a transformative maneuver, Vikas Ecotech Ltd (VEL) has unfurled its ambitious acquisition of Shamli Steel, marking a strategic foray into the burgeoning domain of recycling. The acquisition, valued at an enterprising Rs 160 crore, is executed through a meticulous share swap deal, endowing VEL with 100% equity of Shamli Steel.

The comprehensive strategy extends beyond the acquisition price, with VEL demonstrating its commitment through an infusion of an initial working capital of Rs 15 crore into Shamli Steel. This financial injection is poised to catalyze the operational rejuvenation of the acquired plant, setting the stage for a revitalized phase in Shamli Steel's trajectory.

Looking ahead, VEL envisions an additional investment ranging between Rs 35-50 crore over the inaugural 3-6 months post-assumption of plant operations. This forward-looking approach underscores VEL's intent not merely as an acquirer but as a catalyst for sustained growth and enhancement of Shamli Steel's capacities.

The implications of this strategic move extend beyond the financial realms. VEL's foray into recycling, coupled with the revitalization agenda for Shamli Steel, aligns seamlessly with the zeitgeist of sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. The acquisition, viewed through this prism, is not just a business transaction but a conscientious step toward bolstering the recycling landscape.


As Vikas Ecotech Ltd integrates Shamli Steel into its fold, the resonance of this acquisition reverberates in the realms of financial growth, operational rejuvenation, and environmental conscientiousness. The infusion of capital and the outlined investment plan lay the groundwork for a synergistic collaboration, poised to shape a future where sustainable practices harmonize with industrial advancement.

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