voestalpine's Cutting-Edge Slab Caster Revamp

voestalpineImage Source: Danieli


Danieli collaborates with voestalpine, upgrading their Linz plant's slab caster with a novel hydraulic oscillator for enhanced flexibility and improved surface quality.


In a continued alliance between Danieli and voestalpine, the Austrian steel giant has opted for Danieli's latest technological upgrade for its double-strand, vertical-curve slab caster operational at the Linz plant.

The forthcoming installation of the new hydraulic oscillator signifies a groundbreaking advancement, custom-designed to empower voestalpine's slab caster. This innovation aims to bolster oscillation capabilities without significant alterations to the existing machinery, ensuring seamless integration and superior performance.

Crafted with precision, this hydraulic oscillator promises to mirror the oscillation parameters of the highly advanced CC8 slab caster, previously supplied by Danieli in 2017, enabling the revamped machine to match the pinnacle of voestalpine's casting technology.

The introduction of this cutting-edge functionality is poised to revolutionize mould lubrication, mitigating the risk of sticking and thereby refining the surface quality of slabs. The anticipated result is a substantial reduction in oscillation marks, elevating the overall product quality.

voestalpine's timeline for integrating the new oscillators into the slab caster is set for October 2024, signaling a significant milestone in their ongoing quest for technological advancement and process enhancement.


Voestalpine's collaboration with Danieli for the implementation of innovative hydraulic oscillators heralds a transformative upgrade to their slab caster, promising superior performance, and refined product quality. This strategic technological enhancement marks a pivotal step towards bolstering efficiency and elevating standards in steel production.

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