Vulcan Green: Duqm's Green Hydrogen Steel Venture

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Duqm's Special Economic Zone celebrated laying the foundation stone for a new integrated green hydrogen steel factory with a massive 5 million metric ton annual capacity. This significant investment of over $3 billion marks a leap into sustainable steel production and aligns with global efforts toward green technology.


The Special Economic Zone at Duqm marked a significant milestone with the commencement of the integrated green hydrogen steel factory. With an ambitious production capacity of 5 million metric tons per year, this venture signifies a bold step into eco-friendly steel manufacturing.

The foundation stone-laying ceremony for this colossal factory indicates a strategic investment of over $3 billion. This substantial commitment underscores Duqm's determination to harness green technology and promote sustainable industrial practices.

The integration of green hydrogen technology into steel production reflects a proactive approach toward reducing the carbon footprint in the steel industry. Such initiatives align with global sustainability goals, emphasizing a shift towards cleaner and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.

The envisioned factory holds the promise of not just robust steel output but also a significant reduction in carbon emissions, offering a model for eco-friendly industrial developments worldwide.

This milestone further cements Duqm's position as a burgeoning economic hub embracing forward-thinking approaches to industrialization, focusing on both productivity and environmental responsibility.


The laying of the foundation stone for Duqm's integrated green hydrogen steel factory signifies a momentous stride towards sustainable steel manufacturing. With substantial investments exceeding $3 billion, this initiative demonstrates Duqm's commitment to eco-friendly industrial practices, aligning with global efforts for a greener future.

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