worldsteel: October 2023: Steel World Unveiled

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World Steel Association's report reveals October 2023's global crude steel production at 150.0 million metric tons (Mt), marking a modest 0.6% increase from October 2022. Notable shifts in production occurred across regions, with varied performances in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.


The latest statistics from the World Steel Association (worldsteel) shed light on October 2023's global crude steel production, depicting a marginal upswing of 0.6% compared to the same month in 2022, culminating in a total output of 150.0 million metric tons (Mt).

The provided table encapsulates the dynamic landscape of global crude steel production across various regions in October 2023 and the cumulative output for January to October 2023. Notably, Africa demonstrated promising growth at 3.5%, reaching 1.9 Mt in October 2023. Conversely, the EU (27) experienced a substantial 7.1% decline, producing 10.6 Mt during the same period. Remarkably, the Middle East exhibited a notable 5.0% surge, yielding 5.0 Mt. This comprehensive data encompasses the significant contributions of 71 countries, representing nearly 98% of the world's crude steel production in 2022, reflecting the diverse performance across distinct global regions.

The top 10 steel-producing nations in October 2023 showcased China at the forefront, despite a minor decline of 1.8%, securing a robust 79.1 Mt output. India demonstrated a remarkable surge of 15.1%, producing 12.1 Mt, while Japan and the United States registered 7.5 Mt and 6.8 Mt, respectively. Russia marked an estimated production of 6.3 Mt, showcasing growth at 9.5%, followed closely by South Korea with 5.5 Mt. Meanwhile, Germany reported 2.9 Mt, facing an 8.8% decline, and Türkiye secured 3.0 Mt, marking a 4.2% rise. Brazil and Iran reported 2.6 Mt and 3.1 Mt, respectively, facing declines at 10.2% and 0.1% in their year-to-date aggregate steel production.


October 2023's global steel production, as depicted by the worldsteel report, showcases a nuanced landscape with diverse regional performances and shifting dynamics in top steel-producing countries. While some regions experienced encouraging upswings, others encountered concerning declines, underscoring the complex interplay of factors influencing the steel industry's trajectory.

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