Worthington Steel : Legal Luminary's Departure Drama

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Michaune D. Tillman, Vice President – General Counsel and Secretary of Worthington Steel, Inc., resigned on January 22, 2024, to explore a new venture. Joseph Y. Heuer takes the reins as interim General Counsel from January 24, 2024, as Tillman facilitates a smooth transition. Heuer, boasting almost two decades of legal expertise, has a robust background in Worthington Industries and other corporate roles.


In a notable turn of events, Michaune D. Tillman, the esteemed Vice President – General Counsel and Secretary of Worthington Steel, Inc., tendered her resignation on January 22, 2024. Tillman, known for her legal acumen, departs to embrace a new opportunity with another company. This departure marks a significant moment for Worthington Steel, as Tillman has played a crucial role in the company's legal affairs.

To ensure a seamless transition, Joseph Y. Heuer steps into the role of interim General Counsel, commencing January 24, 2024. Heuer brings a wealth of legal experience, having served in various capacities at Worthington Industries and other esteemed firms over nearly two decades. His familiarity with the industry and corporate landscape positions him well to navigate the legal intricacies at Worthington Steel.

Tillman's resignation prompts reflection on her impactful tenure and contributions to Worthington Steel. Her departure raises questions about the direction the company may take under new legal leadership. Worthington Steel acknowledges Tillman's dedication and wishes her success in her future endeavors.


As Michaune D. Tillman, Vice President – General Counsel and Secretary, bids farewell to Worthington Steel to pursue fresh opportunities, Joseph Y. Heuer steps in as interim General Counsel. This transition signifies a pivotal moment for Worthington Steel, with Heuer's substantial legal experience poised to guide the company through legal matters. Tillman's departure prompts a period of reflection on her contributions, and the company expresses gratitude for her service. The future direction under Heuer's interim leadership adds a layer of anticipation to Worthington Steel's journey ahead.

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