Zaporizhstal's Steel Surge: A Triumph in Production Excellence

ZaporizhstalImage Source: Zaporizhstal City


Ukraine's Zaporizhstal, part of Metinvest, showcases a remarkable surge in 2023 production, witnessing substantial growth in pig iron, crude steel, and finished steel. With a plan to sustain this momentum into 2024, the mill anticipates consistent output levels fueled by positive conditions in foreign markets and strong local demand for rolled steel.



In a resounding testament to production excellence, Zaporizhstal, a key player in Ukraine's steel industry under the Metinvest umbrella, reported staggering figures for the year 2023. December emerged as a standout month, witnessing unprecedented year-on-year upswings in pig iron, crude steel, and finished steel production.

The mill's December performance was nothing short of extraordinary, with 265,500 metric tons of pig iron, 228,600 metric tons of crude steel, and 206,500 metric tons of finished steel. These figures reflected remarkable increases of 87.1%, 223.1%, and 257.9%, respectively, compared to the previous year.

The momentum sustained throughout the entire year, with Zaporizhstal achieving a total output of 2.72 million metric tons of pig iron, marking a substantial 35.3% increase. Additionally, the mill produced 2.46 million metric tons of crude steel and 2.05 million metric tons of finished steel, demonstrating significant upswings of 65.4% and 57.2%, respectively.

Operating at an average capacity utilization of 70% throughout the past year, Roman Slobodyaniuk, the mill's General Director, expressed the intention to uphold these impressive production levels in 2024. This strategic plan aligns seamlessly with positive forecasts for foreign markets and a robust domestic demand for rolled steel.


Zaporizhstal, a pivotal contributor to Ukraine's steel landscape within the Metinvest group, celebrates a triumphant year marked by monumental leaps in steel production. As the mill sets its sights on 2024, the commitment to sustaining this remarkable performance remains unwavering. Fueled by thriving foreign markets and robust local demand, Zaporizhstal emerges as a beacon of production excellence, consistently delivering substantial output figures.

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