Zephyr Symphony: ArcelorMittal's Wind Ballet in Brazil

Wind Power
Wind PowerImage Source: ArcelorMittal


ArcelorMittal, the global steel leader, and Casa dos Ventos join forces in a monumental wind venture in Bahia. Financed by BNDES, the Babilônia Centro wind farm, with 123 turbines, will power 40% of ArcelorMittal's operations, marking Brazil's largest corporate renewable energy deal. The project not only aligns with ArcelorMittal's carbon neutrality goals but also boosts local economies, generating jobs and contributing to Brazil's sustainable energy growth.


In a groundbreaking collaboration, ArcelorMittal, the world's steel giant, and Casa dos Ventos, a prominent Brazilian energy company, are set to elevate Brazil's energy landscape with the Babilônia Centro wind farm. Located in north-central Bahia, this venture, financed by BNDES with R$ 3.16 billion, stands as the largest-ever funding for a renewable project by BNDES. With a formidable 553.5 MW installed capacity and 123 turbines, this wind complex is poised to supply an equivalent of 1.37 million households from October 2025.

Babilônia Centro, a joint venture between Casa dos Ventos and ArcelorMittal, not only represents a colossal leap in Brazil's renewable energy sector but also plays a pivotal role in ArcelorMittal's journey to be carbon neutral by 2050. This wind complex will cover approximately 40% of ArcelorMittal's electricity needs in Brazil, solidifying the company's commitment to sustainable practices.

The project's impact extends beyond energy production. BNDES President Aloizio Mercadante underscores the commitment to sustainable projects, emphasizing the importance of large-scale renewable ventures in Brazil's pursuit of a cleaner energy matrix. Luciana Costa, Director of Infrastructure, Energy Transition, and Climate Change at BNDES, notes Brazil's advantageous position in the global energy transition, with BNDES playing a significant role in financing wind and solar projects.

Casa dos Ventos' Executive Director, Lucas Araripe, emphasizes the positive ripple effects of renewable investments on local economies. The wind projects not only generate employment opportunities but also catalyze economic growth, transforming regions and fostering sustainable development.

Amidst the impressive energy production figures, the Babilônia Centro project is expected to create 1,500 direct and 3,000 indirect jobs during implementation, with 80 direct and 150 indirect jobs upon completion. The economic multiplier effect is evident, contributing to social change and community development.


ArcelorMittal and Casa dos Ventos' collaboration on the Babilônia Centro wind farm marks a momentous leap for Brazil's renewable energy landscape. Beyond powering households, this venture aligns with ArcelorMittal's ambitious carbon neutrality goals, contributing significantly to Brazil's sustainable energy growth. The project not only generates clean energy but also fosters economic development, creating jobs and positively impacting local communities. This collaboration exemplifies the power of corporate commitment to a sustainable, low-carbon future.

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