CEVA Logistics & Scuderia Ferrari: Racing in Unison

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CEVA Logistics, a subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group, solidifies its partnership with Scuderia Ferrari, extending a multi-year agreement. CEVA continues to provide comprehensive logistics services for Ferrari's cars and equipment during Grand Prix, GT races, and Ferrari Challenge events. The renewed collaboration underscores the synergy between these motorsport and logistics giants, with CEVA's logo prominently featured on Scuderia Ferrari's 2024 single-seater. The agreement reflects both brands' commitment to excellence, innovation, and environmental sustainability.


In a significant stride toward collaborative excellence, CEVA Logistics announces a renewed multi-year agreement with Scuderia Ferrari, reaffirming its role as the official logistics partner. This extension underscores the enduring trust and collaboration between two iconic names in motorsport and logistics. CEVA Logistics will continue to provide comprehensive logistics services for Scuderia Ferrari's cars and equipment during Grand Prix events, GT races, and Ferrari Challenge events.

As a testament to this strengthened relationship, the CEVA Logistics logo will prominently feature on Scuderia Ferrari's new 2024 single-seater, reinforcing the brand's visibility not only on the track but also in the broader motorsport arena. The unveiling of Scuderia Ferrari's 2024 single-seater is scheduled for February 13, and CEVA Logistics' brand exposure will extend beyond Formula 1 to other series, including the GT Ferrari Challenge.

The partnership between CEVA Logistics and Scuderia Ferrari goes beyond mere logistics support; it represents a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibility. Scuderia Ferrari, boasting an illustrious history in Formula 1 since 1950, aligns with CEVA Logistics' ambitious goal of being one of the world's Top 5 logistics players.

Since 2022, CEVA Logistics has been leveraging its expertise and innovative capacities to ensure seamless logistics support for Scuderia Ferrari. This includes the transportation of equipment worldwide within precise timeframes, crucial for the smooth execution of the racing season. The agility and proficiency demonstrated by CEVA Logistics position it as a reliable partner for the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship, featuring 24 events worldwide.

Crucially, both CEVA Logistics and Scuderia Ferrari share a commitment to decarbonization. As part of the CMA CGM Group, CEVA Logistics is dedicated to environmental protection, aiming for Net Zero Carbon by 2050. CEVA contributes to this goal by offering alternative fuel options such as biofuel, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and biomethane for sea transport, sustainable fuels for air transport, and biofuels or electric vehicles for land transport.

In 2023, CEVA Logistics showcased its commitment to innovation and sustainability by organizing a world-first rail transport service. This initiative reduced the carbon footprint by 90% compared to air transport and 32% compared to road transport alone, demonstrating a proactive approach to reducing environmental impact.

Olivier Storch, Deputy CEO of CEVA Logistics, emphasizes the shared values with Ferrari, including a focus on constant improvement, sustainability, and innovation. The renewal of this partnership reflects CEVA's dedication to achieving excellence in all circumstances.

Lorenzo Giorgetti, Chief Racing Revenue Officer at Ferrari, acknowledges the evolving challenges in modern motorsport logistics. The demanding schedule, with 24 races in diverse locations, necessitates a world-class logistics partner like CEVA Logistics. The partnership not only ensures precise and on-time services but also aligns with Ferrari's passion for innovation and environmental responsibility.


The extended partnership between CEVA Logistics and Scuderia Ferrari signifies a harmonious blend of motorsport prowess and logistical excellence. As CEVA Logistics continues to provide comprehensive support for Ferrari's racing endeavors, the collaboration goes beyond the racetrack, embodying shared values of innovation and environmental responsibility. The prominent display of CEVA's logo on Ferrari's 2024 single-seater symbolizes a commitment to excellence in the fast-paced world of Formula 1 and beyond. The mutual trust and shared ambitions between these two iconic brands pave the way for a continued journey of success in the realms of motorsport and logistics.

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