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SSI Schaefer, a global leader in logistics and automated warehouses, provides insights on optimizing cold storage warehouses amid rising global temperatures and escalating cold-chain storage demands. Their expertise in tailored solutions, from semi-automated setups to future-ready automation systems, addresses the challenges faced by cold storage managers, emphasizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability.



As global temperatures surge and the demand for cold-chain storage intensifies, SSI Schaefer, a trailblazer in intralogistics and automated warehouses, offers insights into optimizing cold storage facilities. The company emphasizes tailored solutions and best practices for logistics and operations managers to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness amid the burgeoning demand for cold storage.

Cold storage warehouse managers, notably in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors, grapple with the need to efficiently handle perishable and sensitive goods, necessitating specialized handling and precise environmental conditions. However, the expanding cold-chain storage market, projected to grow at a 9% CAGR from 2023 to 2028, poses challenges. Balancing increased demand for cold-stored goods with the imperative to curtail energy costs and carbon emissions is becoming a critical concern for warehouse managers.

Carsten Spiegelberg, Managing Director - Middle East & Africa, SSI Schaefer, highlights the industry's growing complexity, stressing the necessity for comprehensive solutions tailored to individual processes. "Companies need material flow experts who can seamlessly integrate cold-chain logistics solutions into their facilities," he notes.

Optimizing air circulation and product storage density serves as the initial step in enhancing temperature-controlled infrastructure. Cold storage warehouses operate within a wide range of temperatures, necessitating a delicate balance between storage density and air circulation. Choosing suitable storage systems that amplify cooled air circulation while maximizing storage density within the facility's footprint is crucial during the planning phase.

Semi-automated solutions, particularly drive-in racking systems, offer efficiency in deep-freeze facilities, catering to high throughput and enhanced safety. These systems, operating on the Last in-First Out (LIFO) or First in-Last Out (FIFO) principles, employ channel vehicles like the SSI Orbiter®, streamlining pallet storage and retrieval.

Utilizing mobile racking storage systems, leveraging electric motor-powered racks that adjust along floor rails, is another effective method to boost storage capacity. This system minimizes energy consumption by activating lighting only in occupied aisles and optimizes rack spacing for maximal cold air circulation.

Future-ready automation systems play a pivotal role in managing the complexities of cold-chain material flows. Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRSs) such as the SSI Exyz offer high-density storage with energy efficiency, particularly crucial in high-bay warehouses operating at varying temperatures. Shuttle solutions like the SSI Lift & Run Shuttle System (SLR) ensure simultaneous access to multiple racks, maximizing performance and storage density.

SSI Schaefer's suite of solutions encompasses a spectrum of storage types, catering to diverse needs. Shuttle solutions for layer trays and storage systems for container, bin, and carton loads are tailored for efficient picking of goods, catering to both automated and semi-automatic processes.

Centralized control platforms play a crucial role in managing refrigerated facilities. End-to-end software like WAMAS® or SAP EWM offers comprehensive tools to oversee processes, resources, and stock levels, ensuring streamlined operations within cold storage warehouses.

SSI Schaefer, renowned for empowering small to large enterprises with innovative logistics technologies, provides complete solutions spanning from fully automated warehouses to manual and semi-automatic systems. Their focus on efficiency, sustainability, and tailored service and maintenance packages reaffirms their commitment to revolutionizing cold-chain logistics.


SSI Schaefer's innovative suite of solutions represents a significant leap in optimizing cold-chain logistics. From enhancing air circulation to deploying future-ready automation systems, their expertise underscores a commitment to revolutionizing cold storage practices, catering to diverse industry needs while championing efficiency and sustainability.

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