DNV Endorses SAPEON's AI Processor

DNV, a global leader in risk management, certifies SAPEON's AI processor for automotive safety (ISO 26262:2018), signaling
SAPEON AIImage Source: DNV


DNV, a global leader in risk management, certifies SAPEON's AI processor for automotive safety (ISO 26262:2018), signaling a significant stride in integrating AI into vehicle systems. This certification boosts vehicle manufacturers' capabilities, underlining DNV's leadership in AI assurance. SAPEON, a spearhead in AI semiconductors, aims to democratize AI tech while aligning with human-centric technological advancement.



DNV, renowned for risk management and assurance globally, recently awarded SAPEON’s innovative AI processor IP with a certificate confirming its compliance with the ISO 26262:2018 automotive functional safety standard. This certification, attaining Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) for pertinent safety functions, signifies a pivotal leap in harmonizing AI and machine learning within automotive frameworks.

SAPEON, a subsidiary of SK Telecom, stands at the forefront of AI semiconductor innovation. Led by industry luminaries like CEO Soojung Ryu and CTO Michael Shebanow, SAPEON envisions enriching humanity through accessible and sustainable AI technology.

This certification heralds DNV’s pivotal role as both a functional safety assurance body and a thought leader in AI assurance. Simultaneously, it spotlights SAPEON’s commitment to democratize AI and sustainably integrate it into diverse technological ecosystems.

DNV's recent initiative, the Recommended Practice for the Safe Application of Industrial Artificial Intelligence, accentuates the organization's dedication to navigating risks related to AI technologies. This practice adopts a holistic systems approach, considering the intricate interplay and emergent behaviors of AI components within complex systems, human interactions, and environmental dynamics.

Emphasizing continuous assurance to adapt to the evolving nature of AI-enabled systems, this framework encourages collaboration among stakeholders responsible for distinct system elements. This holistic approach aligns with the forthcoming European Union Artificial Intelligence Act, encompassing data-driven systems deployed within the EU.

Otto Hughes, Director of Business Development for Supply Chain & Product Assurance at DNV, emphasizes, “The certification of SAPEON’s AI processor for automotive functional safety showcases the automotive industry's trajectory towards high-demand AI processing in vehicular systems."

DNV reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding life, property, and the environment, supporting trailblazing entities like SAPEON in responsibly and effectively harnessing AI technologies.


DNV's certification of SAPEON's AI processor for automotive safety marks a significant advancement in integrating AI into vehicle systems. This endorsement underscores DNV's leadership in AI assurance while highlighting SAPEON's dedication to democratizing and integrating AI sustainably into technology. Such partnerships and certifications foster responsible and efficient AI utilization in various industries.

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