Dubai: DP World's Expo City Vision

DP World announces its move to Expo City Dubai, marking a pivotal transformation in its 50-year journey. The relocation signifies a
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DP World announces its move to Expo City Dubai, marking a pivotal transformation in its 50-year journey. The relocation signifies a commitment to global supply chain solutions, innovation, and sustainability, positioning the company at the heart of Dubai's future.



DP World's decision to relocate its global head office to Expo City Dubai signifies a significant milestone in its five-decade history. This move represents the company's evolution from a local port operator in 1972 to a global leader in supply chain solutions. Previously stationed at Jebel Ali, the relocation underscores DP World's strategic expansion and transformation into a worldwide trade facilitator.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, DP World's Group Chairman and CEO, emphasizes that this move is part of a broader strategy to establish the company as the foremost provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions globally. Aligning with Dubai's future vision, the relocation underscores DP World's dedication to innovation, sustainability, and ensuring seamless trade for its global clientele.

DP World's new nine-story head office in Expo City spans 37,300 square meters, designed to house approximately 800 employees. It offers a space for engagement, catering to clients and partners across ports, terminals, logistics, and technology. The building's design aims to blend form, function, and sustainability, symbolizing Dubai's forward-thinking evolution.

The company's commitment to minimizing environmental impact is evident in the office's design. It incorporates energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy sources, and eco-friendly building materials, setting a new regional benchmark. The implementation of electric golf carts for transportation on-site highlights the focus on convenient, eco-conscious mobility within the premises.

DP World's new head office stands as a state-of-the-art smart building, integrating cutting-edge technological solutions for enhanced efficiency, productivity, and connectivity among its diverse workforce. Advanced systems include energy-efficient solutions, intelligent building management, elevators, and comprehensive audio-video monitoring systems.

Designed by DEC Dynamic Design Studio, the building encapsulates DP World's vision for the future of global trade, emphasizing functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics. Automated parking solutions and EV charging provisions align with the company's commitment to technological advancement and environmental responsibility.


DP World's move to Expo City Dubai symbolizes a transformative shift toward global leadership in trade solutions. The relocation showcases the company's dedication to innovation, sustainability, and a vision for a future where trade and technology converge, shaping a brighter era for global commerce.

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