EnviroVoyagers: DNV Charts Green Seas

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DNV is chosen to classify Purus' innovative Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC) from HD Hyundai Heavy Industries. With a cargo capacity of 98,000cbm, these VLECs, equipped with GTT’s Mark III membrane containment system and dual-fuel ethane engines, are set for delivery in 2026-2027. Committed to emissions reduction, they'll transport ethane from the U.S. to Europe and Asia, adhering to EEDI Phase III compliance.


In a significant stride towards greener seas, DNV secures the classification role for Purus' groundbreaking Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC) built by HD Hyundai Heavy Industries. These vessels, boasting a substantial cargo capacity of 98,000 cubic meters, will incorporate GTT’s cutting-edge Mark III membrane containment system. Scheduled for delivery in 2026-2027, the VLECs are primed to redefine eco-friendly maritime transportation.

The dual-fuel ethane engines and optimized cargo handling systems onboard exemplify a commitment to reducing emissions and aligning with EEDI Phase III compliance standards. Purus, in partnership with DNV and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, envisions a fleet that not only transports ethane but does so with a meticulous focus on environmental responsibility.

Cristina Saenz de Santa Maria, Regional Manager at DNV, expresses gratitude for Purus' trust in DNV's technical supervision and classification expertise. With decades of experience in gas carriers and maritime technology, DNV brings a distinct advantage to the development of vessels that prioritize environmental sustainability while meeting stringent industry standards.

Martin Cartwright, DNV’s Global Business Director for Gas Carriers & FSRUs, sees this as a pivotal moment for DNV entering the VLEC market. As global demand rises for ethylene and ethanol-blended petrol to combat carbon emissions, the partnership with Purus and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries underscores DNV's commitment to steering the maritime industry towards a greener and more efficient future in alignment with IMO’s emission targets.

VLECs, specialized for transporting large volumes of ethane, play a crucial role in the global energy and chemical supply chain. They facilitate the movement of ethane from production sources to processing facilities or end-users, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient global maritime landscape.


In conclusion, DNV's selection to classify Purus' cutting-edge Very Large Ethane Carriers signifies a transformative moment in maritime transportation. With a clear focus on environmental responsibility and emissions reduction, these vessels, equipped with advanced technologies, are poised to redefine the standards of eco-friendly shipping. The partnership between Purus, DNV, and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries reflects a shared commitment to steering the maritime industry towards a greener and more efficient future, aligning seamlessly with IMO’s emission targets. As these VLECs embark on their journey, they mark a crucial step towards a sustainable and responsible global maritime landscape.

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