Innovative Collaboration: Davanti & Innovecs Unite

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Innovecs, a global tech leader, joins forces with Dutch logistics expert Davanti Warehousing to expand into new markets using CORAX, Davanti's top-tier warehouse management solution. This partnership aims to bolster distribution, research, and implementation efforts while ensuring superior customer value. Their combined expertise signals a strategic leap in Supply Chain Execution.


In a groundbreaking alliance, Innovecs, a prominent player in digital transformation, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Davanti Warehousing, an esteemed Dutch logistics specialist boasting over three decades of prowess in the warehouse management market.

The collaboration, aimed at leveraging Davanti's flagship warehouse management solution, CORAX, signifies a pivotal moment for both entities. CORAX, already adopted by major international players like LV Logistics and Van Lith Transport, will serve as the cornerstone for expanding into untapped markets.

Eamonn McLarnon, VP of Global Supply Chain Practice at Innovecs, expressed immense enthusiasm, deeming this partnership a monumental achievement and a significant step towards realizing their strategic objectives.

This symbiotic relationship focuses not only on amplifying distribution and business development efforts but also on joint research initiatives to pioneer cutting-edge technologies, products, and services. The goal? Delivering unparalleled customer value by harnessing the expertise of both companies.

Robert Reith, Partner Manager at Davanti, emphasized the importance of Innovecs' Supply Chain knowledge, foreseeing a fruitful international rollout for CORAX WMS. The alignment between Innovecs' proficiency and Davanti's cloud-based WMS solution sets a promising trajectory for mutual success.

Piet Eenkhoorn, Managing Director at Davanti Group, echoed the sentiment of excitement, recognizing the immense market potential that their partnership with Innovecs unlocks, particularly in propelling CORAX's reach and impact.

This strategic collaboration underlines the unwavering commitment of both Innovecs and Davanti to drive excellence in the Supply Chain Execution domain. It aims to tackle forthcoming challenges with a shared vision, nurturing a robust future in the Supply Chain landscape.


The partnership between Innovecs and Davanti marks a watershed moment in the realms of digital transformation and logistics. Their union not only emphasizes groundbreaking technological advancements but also signifies a shared dedication to fostering innovation and growth within the Supply Chain sector. With their combined prowess, the duo is poised to redefine industry standards and cater to evolving market demands.

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