Mabtec Engineering: Kyiv Logistics Endeavor

Mabtec Engineering
Mabtec EngineeringImage Source: Pravda


Mabtec Engineering plans to construct a cutting-edge logistics and transport hub near Kyiv's Antonov Airport, set to activate post Ukraine's airspace reopening. Renowned for projects in Istanbul, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Azerbaijan, Mabtec aims to enhance Antonov Airport, previously linked with Bucha Techno Garden industrial park's reconstruction.



In a notable development, Mabtec Engineering and Consultancy, a distinguished Turkish company renowned for its engineering projects, has unveiled plans to erect a state-of-the-art logistics and transport hub adjacent to Kyiv's Antonov Airport. This ambitious initiative is slated to commence operations once Ukraine's airspace is officially reopened.

Dmytro Kysylevskyi, the Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliamentary) Economic Development Committee, confirmed the upcoming establishment of this modern hub, emphasizing its significance in bolstering the region's logistical capabilities. The planned logistics center is anticipated to significantly augment transportation efficiency in the vicinity.

Mabtec Engineering and Consultancy boasts an impressive portfolio, featuring successful endeavors at prominent locations like Istanbul's Sabiha Gökçen Airport and ventures in Turkmenistan's capital, Aşgabat. Additionally, the company has undertaken notable projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Azerbaijan, showcasing its widespread expertise and experience in executing diverse engineering initiatives.

The proposed logistics and transport hub near Antonov Airport emerges following Mabtec's prior announcement regarding the conceptual development for Antonov Airport's reconstruction, anchored in the Bucha Techno Garden industrial park.

The company's proactive stance in diversifying its portfolio and initiating ambitious projects not only in Ukraine but also across various international arenas reflects its commitment to contributing to infrastructural advancements and economic development.


Mabtec Engineering and Consultancy's strategic initiative to establish a logistics and transport hub near Kyiv's Antonov Airport is poised to bolster regional logistical capacities, leveraging the company's extensive expertise garnered from successful projects across multiple countries. This planned hub signifies a promising step towards enhancing transportation efficiency and fostering infrastructural growth in the region.

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