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A.P. Moller - Maersk embarks on fortifying its Cold Chain Logistics presence with a cutting-edge Cold Store facility in Mehsana, Gujarat. Valued at over $15 million, the 260,000 sq. ft. facility, dedicated to HyFun Foods, will set new benchmarks in temperature-controlled storage for frozen processed foods. Maersk's holistic cold chain solution ensures an unbroken logistics chain, integrating manufacturing, transportation, and visibility through innovative technology.


In a pioneering move, A.P. Moller - Maersk is venturing into bolstering its Cold Chain Logistics with a state-of-the-art Cold Store facility in Mehsana, Gujarat. The $15 million facility, tailored for HyFun Foods, promises cutting-edge temperature-controlled storage for frozen processed foods.

Located at the Fanidhar Mega Food Park, this colossal 14,700-pallet position facility will stand as one of India's largest single-shed cold stores. The strategic proximity to the customer's manufacturing facility streamlines logistics, allowing consolidated storage and dispatch from a single hub.

The Cold Store will play a pivotal role as Maersk's mother facility, aligning with its integrated cold chain solution. This solution ensures an unbroken logistics chain, encompassing landside transportation, port coordination, customs clearances, and ocean transportation for export cargo.

Kamlesh Karamchandani, Director of Sales & Marketing at HyFun Foods, lauds Maersk's contribution to redesigning their supply chain. The collaboration simplifies supply chains, emphasizing the significance of an unbroken cold chain as the backbone of moving processed food.

The facility's design focuses on operational and sustainable excellence. Using Ammonia refrigeration with zero Global Warming Potential and high-efficiency compressors, the Cold Store minimizes environmental impact. It incorporates PIR panels for fire resistance and lower thermal conductivity.

Maersk extends its commitment to environmental sustainability by investing in solar energy to power the facility. This aligns with the company's goal of achieving NetZero by 2040. The construction plan includes green building requirements, embracing rain harvesting, STP, and zero discharge.

Adhering to world-class design and engineering standards, the facility integrates modern warehouse management systems for efficient inventory management. It emphasizes safety with human-friendly staging areas and robust fire detection and firefighting systems.


To sum up, Maersk's groundbreaking Cold Store facility in Gujarat is a game-changer in preserving the freshness of frozen foods. Beyond streamlining logistics, this facility epitomizes Maersk's commitment to sustainable practices, utilizing eco-friendly refrigeration and solar energy. The integration of technology ensures an unbroken logistics chain, simplifying the movement of processed food. This venture signifies not just a facility but a leap towards a more sustainable and efficient future in Cold Chain Logistics.

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