Maersk's Green Methanol Accord

Maersk joins hands with Yokohama and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical to develop green methanol bunkering infrastructure in
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Maersk joins hands with Yokohama and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical to develop green methanol bunkering infrastructure in Yokohama, aligning with their target of net-zero emissions by 2040. This groundbreaking agreement seeks to enable the use of sustainable fuels for Maersk's container vessels, emphasizing their commitment to a greener maritime industry in Japan.



Maersk, in a strategic move towards sustainability, has inked a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the City of Yokohama and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) to pioneer the development of green methanol bunkering infrastructure in Yokohama. This alliance comes in tandem with Maersk's ambitious objective of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040 throughout its entire business.

The core focus of this collaborative pact lies in facilitating green methanol bunkering infrastructure, particularly to support Maersk's impending fleet of 16,000 TEU green methanol-powered container vessels set for delivery from 2024 onwards. This initiative underscores the collective dedication of the involved parties towards fostering sustainable practices and steering towards a more environmentally conscious future.

Maersk's commitment to reducing emissions involves equipping 25 container vessels with dual-fuel engines capable of operating on green methanol. However, the successful execution of this plan heavily hinges upon the establishment of a robust port bunkering infrastructure for methanol on a global scale.

As the maritime industry increasingly emphasizes decarbonization, the availability of green fuel bunkering options and the feasibility of their operation, especially in Japan, becomes crucial. The collaboration with the City of Yokohama, renowned for its initiatives in creating green shipping corridors, and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, a pioneer in domestic methanol production, aims to pave the way for the development of green fuel bunkering infrastructure in Japan.

The memorandum solidifies the joint venture's commitment to exploring operational feasibility and developing the necessary port facilities at the Port of Yokohama for efficient green methanol bunkering. It highlights a concerted effort to innovate, enhance safety measures, and expedite the adoption of sustainable methanol solutions within Japan's maritime industry.


The agreement between Maersk, Yokohama, and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical signifies a significant leap towards greener maritime operations in Japan. This alliance aims to establish green methanol bunkering infrastructure, enabling Maersk's vessels to operate sustainably. With a focus on innovation and environmental responsibility, this initiative embodies a concerted effort towards a more eco-conscious maritime industry.

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