Maritime Decarbonization Roadmap Unveiled

The Blue Sky Maritime Coalition unveils a comprehensive roadmap titled ‘Roadmap to Net-Zero Emissions: North American Waterborne
Blue Sky Maritime Coalition
Blue Sky Maritime CoalitionImage Source: Blue Sky Maritime Coalition


The Blue Sky Maritime Coalition unveils a comprehensive roadmap titled ‘Roadmap to Net-Zero Emissions: North American Waterborne Transportation’ ahead of COP28. This report outlines actionable steps and guiding principles to achieve industry-wide decarbonization by 2050, focusing on collaborative approaches to overcome technological, regulatory, and societal challenges.



Ahead of the COP28 conference, the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition (BSMC) has taken a significant stride by releasing a roadmap titled ‘Roadmap to Net-Zero Emissions: North American Waterborne Transportation’. The report provides a strategic vision for achieving industry-wide decarbonization by 2050, outlining crucial actions and principles necessary to reach this ambitious goal.

At the core of this roadmap lies a clear vision of success by 2050 for each stakeholder, paving the way to identify and implement necessary steps and pathways. Emphasizing collaborative principles fostering innovation and a systemic approach, the report addresses foreseeable hurdles in technology, operations, regulations, commerce, society, and fuel availability over the forthcoming decades.

David Cummins, the President and CEO of BSMC, stressed the need for a well-defined course of action. He highlighted the importance of initiating short-term actions aligning with the long-term vision, stating, “We must first start with the end in mind and assemble a coalition of those willing to drive short-term actions that will lead to the desired future.”

The report also highlights six key challenges obstructing the industry's path to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. These challenges include maritime system inefficiencies, inadequate greenhouse gas emission inventories, varied vessel solutions, insufficient demand for fuel and energy infrastructure, inconsistent policies and regulations, and customer willingness to pay.

BSMC's proposed workstreams are projected to serve as collaborative platforms, uniting stakeholders for prompt action and impactful outcomes, thereby facilitating the implementation of strategies to address these challenges.

Cummins reiterated the belief in the industry's potential to achieve commercially viable, net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 through concerted efforts and a dedication to sustainability.

The Coalition plans to present the report and further discuss its insights during a press conference at Expo City Dubai on December 11, coinciding with COP28.


The release of the 'Roadmap to Net-Zero Emissions' by the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition heralds a promising step towards industry-wide decarbonization by 2050. However, addressing the outlined challenges will necessitate collaborative efforts, innovative approaches, and steadfast commitment to sustainability within the maritime sector.

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