Modernizing the Croatian Ferry: Enhanced Propulsion Stability

Jadrolinija's Croatian ferry, Krk, underwent a retrofit for improved performance in stronger winds and currents. SCHOTTEL's
Jadrolinija's Croatian ferry
Jadrolinija's Croatian ferryImage Source: SCHOTTEL


Jadrolinija's Croatian ferry, Krk, underwent a retrofit for improved performance in stronger winds and currents. SCHOTTEL's propulsion modifications, including optimized propellers and VarioDuct SDV45 nozzles, enhanced course stability and speed, surpassing expectations. The retrofit, completed between seasons, showcased cost-effective solutions and significantly boosted the ferry's operational efficiency.



The Croatian ferry Krk, part of Jadrolinija's fleet, underwent a retrofit to adapt to more challenging operational conditions posed by increased winds and currents on its new route. Jadrolinija collaborated with SCHOTTEL to modify the ferry's propulsion system, aiming to enhance its stability and performance.

To accommodate the new route's demands, the Krk's open propellers were replaced with optimized propellers and fitted with SCHOTTEL VarioDuct SDV45 nozzles. The retrofit process involved a mix of overhauls and modernizations within the vessel's maintenance schedule, aligning the upgrades with the lay days between operating seasons.

The retrofit was executed in Croatia by SCHOTTEL's partner, Alfa Marine, while the modification work on the thrusters took place at SCHOTTEL's service workshop in Spay, Germany. A substantial cost-saving of approximately 50% was achieved by refurbishing the existing thrusters instead of purchasing new ones, encompassing transportation costs to Germany.

The modernization initiatives resulted in remarkable improvements surpassing Jadrolinija's expectations. The ferry exhibited heightened responsiveness to steering maneuvers, leading to enhanced course-keeping stability and reduced autopilot corrections. Hydrodynamical analyses projected a top speed of 13 knots and various operational benefits from the SDV45 nozzle, enhancing the vessel's thrust and overall performance.

The modernized Krk not only showcased improved course stability but also facilitated smoother thruster operations. The enhanced performance enabled Jadrolinija to optimize the ferry's schedule, benefitting from the increased efficiency and reliability of the vessel's propulsion system.


SCHOTTEL's retrofit solutions for the Croatian ferry Krk proved highly successful, elevating the vessel's operational capabilities by significantly enhancing course stability and performance. The cost-effective modifications showcased the potential for substantial efficiency gains through strategic propulsion upgrades.

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