Revolutionary Pact: Nestlé & CMA CGM+ Go Low-Carbon

Nestlé joins forces with CMA CGM+ to transport all its volumes using BIOFUEL+, slashing 84% of carbon emissions. This innovative
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Nestlé joins forces with CMA CGM+ to transport all its volumes using BIOFUEL+, slashing 84% of carbon emissions. This innovative collaboration significantly reduces Nestlé's annual shipping-related greenhouse gases by 70,000 metric tons of CO2, aligning with both companies' dedication to a sustainable, low-carbon future.



In a groundbreaking partnership, Nestlé, a global leader in food and beverages, has entered into a significant agreement with CMA CGM+ for the transportation of 100% of its volumes using BIOFUEL+, an innovative biofuel crafted from organic waste. This eco-friendly fuel alternative remarkably curtails carbon emissions by a staggering 84%. Nestlé's collaboration with CMA CGM+ is poised to slash approximately 70,000 metric tons of CO2 annually, contributing substantially to the reduction of its shipping-related greenhouse gas emissions.

The CMA CGM Group, deeply committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050, extends robust support to its customers in their pursuit of decarbonizing the supply chain. The ACT WITH CMA CGM+ low-carbon range, initiated in 2020, is strategically crafted to facilitate the Group's clientele in expediting their energy transition. This comprehensive offer empowers customers to assess their environmental impact, mitigate carbon emissions through cleaner energy alternatives, and offset residual emissions through dedicated environmental projects.

Stephanie Hart, Nestlé's Global Head of Operations, emphasized the pivotal role of these agreements in effecting immediate reductions in emissions, thus tangibly impacting their carbon footprint. This collaboration lays the groundwork for future partnerships aimed at further decarbonizing shipping and distribution, essential for achieving net-zero aspirations.

Christine Cabau-Woehrel, Executive Vice President Group Operations and Assets at CMA CGM, highlighted the unique nature of this accord, marking a significant commitment wherein shippers and cargo owners are collectively dedicated to the decarbonization of all shipping emissions.

The monumental collaboration between Nestlé and CMA CGM+ signifies a pioneering step towards a sustainable and low-carbon future. Through the utilization of BIOFUEL+ for all transport volumes, this partnership not only immediately reduces emissions but also serves as a blueprint for future alliances aimed at curbing shipping-related greenhouse gases. This transformative agreement aligns with the ambitious goals of both companies, contributing substantially to the shared vision of a more eco-conscious global shipping industry.

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