València Port's Greenlight for Northern Extension

The forthcoming Council of Ministers is set to approve València Port's new terminal in its northern extension,
Valencia Port
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The forthcoming Council of Ministers is set to approve València Port's new terminal in its northern extension, marking a monumental step in expansion. Minister Oscar Puente announced this milestone during a visit, affirming the imminent project's green signal, expected to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and economic activity.



The Port of València anticipates a pivotal progression with the imminent approval of its new northern terminal, marking an extensive expansion endeavor. Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Oscar Puente, disclosed this significant development during his visit to the Valencian docks, confirming the impending green signal for the ambitious terminal project.

Addressing the Valenciaport Christmas gathering, Puente declared, "In the upcoming Council of Ministers, the tender for the works of the new north terminal will gain approval." He emphasized the urgency of this decision, signifying positive news for the industry professionals eagerly anticipating this monumental step.

The decision to greenlight the new terminal in the next Council of Ministers follows Puente's thorough inspection of the Valencian docks, underscoring its stature as Spain's leading port, a significant European entity, and a crucial player in the global maritime landscape.

Accompanied by esteemed figures from the port community, Puente's announcement garnered widespread appreciation, acknowledging the long-awaited decision's impact on the sector's growth and operational efficiency.

The upcoming infrastructure at the Port of València is envisioned as a technological marvel integrating eco-efficiency, intermodality, and sustainability. Spanning approximately 137 hectares with 1,970 meters of berthing line, it aims to accommodate up to five million containers, positioning itself as a pinnacle of connectivity across continents.

With a commitment to environmental sustainability, the terminal intends to operate as a zero-emission space, utilizing electrified facilities and renewable energy sources to minimize carbon footprint. Cutting-edge technology, from predictive traffic systems to energy-efficient designs, will augment the terminal's eco-friendly operations.

The investment of €1,574,368, jointly financed by the APV and TIL/MSC, signifies a collective commitment toward a future-ready, environmentally conscious infrastructure that aligns with Valenciaport's ambition of achieving a zero-emission port by 2030.


València Port's imminent approval for the new northern terminal stands as a significant milestone in its expansion plans. This green signal, expected in the upcoming Council of Ministers, signifies a commitment to modernization, sustainability, and economic growth. The envisioned zero-emission terminal aims to revolutionize operations while setting benchmarks for eco-friendly port infrastructure.

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