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GE Vernova's Power Conversion business in the UK has been selected by Team Resolute for the UK Ministry of Defence's Fleet Solid Support (FSS) program. The collaboration aims to enhance naval efficiency with cutting-edge hybrid-electric propulsion technology. The FSS ships, designed for low carbon emissions and energy efficiency, will incorporate GE Vernova's advanced solutions, supporting the UK's commitment to sustainability and bolstering its naval capabilities.


In a significant stride towards naval innovation, GE Vernova's Power Conversion business in the UK is set to supply advanced hybrid propulsion technology for three Fleet Solid Support (FSS) ships under the UK Ministry of Defence. Team Resolute, a consortium comprising Navantia, Harland & Wolff, and BMT, has chosen GE Vernova to optimize energy efficiency, power utilization, and availability for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) ships.

The collaboration reflects the UK's dedication to minimizing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability in naval operations. The FSS ships, designed to be adaptable to low-carbon fuels, will incorporate energy-efficient technologies to reduce power consumption and support future sustainable energy sources.

GE Vernova's role encompasses the design and manufacture of SeaPulse* Active Front-End (AFE) power converters, Power Take-Off/Power Take-In (PTI/PTO) hybrid electric induction motor-generators, and associated components. The contract also includes commissioning, testing, sea trials, certification, and integrated logistics support (ILS) to ensure seamless integration into the FSS ships.

Juan de la Cueva, CEO of Navantia UK, expressed confidence in the program's progress, citing the selection of key suppliers like GE Vernova as an indicator of alignment with the UK MoD's timetable. The collaboration with GE Vernova reinforces the FSS program's commitment to advanced engineering and sustainability.

Andy Cooper, Managing Director of GE Vernova’s Power Conversion business, UK, highlighted the company's rich background in naval engineering, emphasizing its contributions to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s Tide Class fleet tankers. The collaboration with Navantia UK and Team Resolute signifies a focus on cutting-edge technologies for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, aligning with the UK's sustainability goals.

GE Vernova's support for the Royal Navy spans three decades, and the FSS program represents a critical step in modernizing the Royal Fleet Auxiliary's capabilities. The program, aligned with the UK Government's National Shipbuilding Strategy Refresh, not only strengthens naval logistics but also contributes to local economic growth and resilience.

The delivery of GE Vernova’s electric propulsion equipment for the first FSS ship is scheduled for 2025, followed by the second and third vessels in 2026 and 2027, respectively.


The collaboration between GE Vernova's Power Conversion business and Team Resolute for the UK Ministry of Defence's Fleet Solid Support program signifies a major leap in naval technology. The focus on advanced hybrid-electric propulsion technology reflects the UK's commitment to sustainability and efficiency in naval operations. The partnership aims to optimize energy usage and enhance power availability for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, contributing to the modernization of naval capabilities. The delivery schedule for GE Vernova’s electric propulsion equipment underscores the program's progress and aligns with the UK MoD's goals for a sustainable and technologically advanced naval fleet.

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